Friday, September 20, 2013

Sweeping for Christmas presents

No... I am not talking about the floors!

One of the funnest things I do to make Christmas affordable is by Winning Prizes to give as Christmas gifts. Also referred as SWEEPING! In years past, this was my main form of supplying presents to my family and friends. I would enter hundreds of sweepstakes daily all year round and clean up by the holidays.

Since my kids are wanting specific things such as an XBOXone and tablets this year I have been concentrating more on the GPT/ earning sides of things and not so much on entering contest. (I have already earned enough to pre-order and pay for the XBOXone as well as money banked for the tablets.)  So, I'll pick back up here in a few weeks and devote a little more time to it as it really does pay off. 

$40 out of pocket(paid for in bottles that I had saved)  for wrapping paper and a few odds and ends.
$140 spent on Amazon earned from Swagbucks everything else won.  This picture doesn't include presents for  extended family. 

One thing to know about this hobby is that patience is a virtue, you may not see a win right away or you might see several. If your not a patient person, this probably isn't the hobby for you. My favorite site to find sweepstakes and other contest is Online-Sweepstakes, it isn't the best run site but it is the best laid out and the one I use the majority of the time.

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